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Knowing that a desolately poor child no longer needs to worry about where the next meal is coming from, has clothing and water and is able to go to school, is a good feeling. You may never meet that child, but you’ll know about him or her – and he or she will know about you.

It’s a good feeling to know that you’ve changed the negative into the positive. There is a chance for someone where there was no hope before. That’s what it means to become a sponsor at Live and Learn in Kenya. Hundreds of children in the LLK program in the Rhonda slums of Nakuru, Kenya are still waiting for the good news from abroad that they are sponsored – that they can go on going to school and work towards a better future for themselves and for their future families.

Sponsoring a child is not "just a drop in the basket". Sponsorship is life-changing for that child. The child knows that all he/she has to do is work hard in school and the future is a brighter place.

A child shouldn’t have to worry about the basics in life: food, water, clothing or education. A sponsorship provides for all of this for less than US$ 1 the day. For US$ 360 the year Live and Learn in Kenya makes sure that your sponsored child receives everything that he or she needs to go to school: school fees, mandatory uniform and shoes, text books, school supplies and a warm meal every day. We have running and/or bought water at the office compound so that the children can drink all that they need. You will receive a photo and description of your sponsored child. Shortly after the sponsorship begins you will receive a letter of appreciation from the child (or a drawing if the child is still too young to write). Every year you will receive an annual report with photo stating the child’s educational and health situation. You’ll be able to see your sponsored child develop into a strong and self-sufficient adult. You can write and send packages to the child if you’d like – and even visit the office during a vacation to Kenya and meet “your” child and his or her parents or guardians if you inform us ahead of time.

Your sponsored child is not just a number. Your sponsored child is a little girl or a little boy who needs a helping hand. Reach out your hand and change a life.

Please check our list "We need a sponsor" and contact info@llk-selb.de we’re always happy to answer questions

Home News Contact Harambee Projects Activities - Fundraisers LLK in Second Life Your Help Picture Gallery
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