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We're building a school in Nakuru!

video: official school-opening
in January, 3, 2015

movie by Victor Wood


Travel Report Nakuru 11-2014
by Alexandra Merz

photos visit Nakuru, Nov. 2013

Article about LLK in the STANDARD



The first two classrooms, the staff room / office and the toilets were completed on schedule. The official opening of the school was on 3d January, the first lessons for the 1st and 2nd grade started on 5th January, 2015.

Live and Learn in Kenya NGO (LLK) is based in Selb, Germany. Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO is its "daughter" organization in Kenya and is a registered non-profit, charity organization in Germany and in Kenya.

Desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty beyond comprehension, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides - this is what rules the lives of the people - especially the children - living within the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Live and Learn in Kenya is changing this - day for day - child for child.

Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsors to finance the education of needy children, which includes everything that the child needs in order to go to school — fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school supplies.

We provide medical/dental care to all LLK-children — including check-ups and vaccinations.

Our feeding program is also a huge success. With our "Feed a Smile" project we are able to assure nutritious warm lunches for over 400 children every day. All funds are donations.

100% of the donations
are transferred directly to Kenya to care for the children, provide education, medicine, food, shelter and foster care. Nobody is earning a cent at Live and Learn in Kenya NGO. Our professional staff in Kenya are paid through donations in order to insure the smooth running of the project - so that the children receive all that they should.

German charity number: 223 / 109 / 70321 K01 / MD
tax number, IRS Hof: 223/ 108 / 30791
Kenyan NGO Board Certificate of Registration Number: OP.218 / 051 / 2007 / 0442 / 5026

Our donation account:

Live and Learn in Kenya NGO
Sparkasse Hochfranken, Germany
bank number: 780 500 00
account number: 200 072 114

Citizens within the European Union can use the
following code to transfer funds free of charge:
IBAN: DE43 7805 0000 0200 0721 14