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Emergency call for help - because of a drought in Kenya in spring 2006:

daily picture: more than 2.000 hungry children are waiting for food in front of the dining hall of the VBMC

Kenya is experiencing a devastating drought and famine. In December 2005 President Kibaki declared a national catastrophe. 3.5 million people are in need of emergency food aid following the poor harvest of last year. Naturally the poorest of the poor have the least to survive on. The people living in the slums of Nakuru have hardly received any government assistance at all.

The current famine situation has its grips on the Virginia M. Buena Center. Instead of feeding "just" the 615 children who are now in our program, we must find a way to help some of the others. So many children that are not in our program now go without food. This past Sunday, 19. April, more than 1,300 children came to the Center for a meal. They couldn't be sent away hungry. The director was forced to tell them that they could only come on Sundays for a meal because the necessary funds do not exist at this point to feed so many children. The number of hungry children will drastically increase during the next few weeks - if not longer. There must be a way to help at least some of these children from starvation.

With our kitchen facilities in the new Peter Blos Common House at the Center we have the possibility to comfortably cook for and feed about 2000 children. We need funds to buy food for them. Approximately 150€ per day will pay for a simple warm meal for 2000 children. Please help us to feed the children.

Since we have started this activity - 2.000 children are being fed with a warm meal every day. March 28 we have received this E-mail from our Center:

"Yesterday we had so many children coming for lunch. It was like the whole of Kibowen Komen primary school came for the meals. Please thank all the sponsors of Monday meals for the children. Their contribution is enabling us to feed a starving group of children and positively contributing towards the improvement of their nutrition status".

One of the attached photos shows a part of the crowd waiting for the daily meal: 

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