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Feeding program:

»Feed a smile«

"Clean your plate. Just think of all those poor, starving children in Africa that would do anything to have food like yours."

If your mother was like mine, this is a line that you heard on a regular basis.  I always answered with – “Okay, then send it to them!”  Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing now – and so can you.  We call this feeding program “Feed a smile”.

On our office compound and in their schools in Nakuru, Kenya very poor children are fed on a daily basis.  We do our best to provide the children with a nutritious, warm meal every day – but with more than 400 mouths to feed, it isn’t easy.  So, we’ve come up with an idea.

How many times have you wondered just what would be the perfect present for someone who already has everything?  - Or even for yourself?  We have the answer.  Celebrate a birthday/anniversary/holiday – whatever with more than 400 children – without having to wash up afterwards!

$115 is the minimum donation to feed the children a wholesome vegetable stew  - any amount exceeding that will pay for more, for example: meat, bread, sweets, cookies, drinks, more expensive vegetables (like potatoes) fruit.

The children will not only celebrate the honored person, they will also hold them in their prayers while saying Grace.  Photos will be taken of the party with the children and a personalized board message and then sent directly to the provided e-mail address.  If asked for in advance, the party could be held ahead of time so that the photo would arrive in time to congratulate the person on his/her special day.


To order this gift, please send your money order or bank transfer to:

Live and Learn in Kenya NGO
Sparkasse Hochfranken, Germany
bank number: 780 500 00
account number: 200 072 114

Citizens within the European Union can use the following code to transfer funds free of charge:
IBAN: DE43 7805 0000 0200 0721 14

Please state the reason for the party and the name of the honored person along with meal preferences.

For more information - please send an e-mail to info(at)llk-selb.de

(Live and Learn in Kenya – NGO is based in Selb, Germany and is a non-profit, charitable and fully volunteer-run organization that guarantees that 100% of all donations are used to make the lives of the children worth living.)

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