May '09, Rosenthal Theater Selb
photos from concert

April '08, Rosenthal Theater Selb

photos from festival

Activities - Fundraisers

We have various ways of raising funds in Europe and in the USA to help the people in Kenya, particularly the children.
Our Activities always have the same aims: to find a new sponsor for a child from the Rhonda Slums and/or to raise funds for our projects in Nakuru.

We are constantly trying to find an interesting and attractive setting for each of our information events or appeals for funds. Despite only modest means, we try to offer our guests memorable experiences.

What you can see and read on this page is a cross-section of our activities.100% of all earned profits, as well as any other donations go towards financing our projects in Kenya. Nearly all the musicians and artists perform free of charge. Communities and church congregations support us by providing rent-free facilities and concert halls because they want to assist us to alliviate poverty and also because our events enrich the cultural life of the regions.