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You can sponsor a child directly through Second Life for only 7.500 Lindens per month (90.000 Lindens per year).
Although we do need a bit of personal information, we guarantee discretion - also in Second Life. You can decide whether your sponsored child calls you by your real name or by your Avatar name.
Contact Brique Topaz in Second Life for details.

It is a dream come true when one of the nearly 500 children in our program receives the message from the project manager that he/she has a sponsor. The children know that all they have to do is their best at school and the future will be theirs. The world is a better place to live in when they know someone is out there - a stranger - who cares!

What does sponsorship entail?

The sponsorship fee pays for everything that the child needs to go to school - fees, mandatory uniform and shoes, textbooks, school supplies and a warm meal  every day. The sponsor receives a photo, a short description of the child and a letter of appreciation from the child - or a drawing if the child is still too young to write. A progress report, photo and a letter from the child are sent to the sponsor annually. Sponsors can write to "their" child, send packages or have presents bought for the child through our office if they’d like. The children always write a letter of thanks for packages or presents purchased for them.  A photo is taken of them with their presents. The children are thrilled to receive photos of "their" sponsors. They aren’t just a number somewhere in Africa. They are real, live people who appreciate what is being done for them. Sponsors are guaranteed that 100% of the sponsorship fee is being used for their sponsored child and for nothing else.

Visits to Kenya are encouraged for sponsors along with visits to the office to meet "their" child and to meet the child's parents or guardians. It is requested that communication by postal letter or e-mail to Live and Learn in Kenya NGO be made in advance so that accommodations for visitors can be prepared for.  For safety reasons, a guardian or staff member must always be present during visits.

Sponsors can decide if they’d rather sponsor a girl or a boy - a young child or a teenager. For many sponsors age and gender doesn’t matter - for some it does. We understand both aspects. The most important thing is that a child is being given a chance to be all that he/she can be - which is every child’s human right!

You may not be able to change the world by sponsoring - but you are making a world of a difference for that child!

Contact Brique Zeiner by e-mail: info@llk-selb.de

Once a sponsor has decided to sponsor a child on the list, a photo will be provided via e-mail.

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